SJMLS Volume 4, Number 1 March, 2019

Original /Review Articles
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1. Original Article

Ekundina, V.O., Ebeye, O.A. and Odigie, B.O. Histological Effects of Aqueous 

Extract of Carica papaya Seed on the Renal Tissue in Adult Wistar Rats.


2. Original Article

Eze, Evelyn Mgbeoma, Christian, Serekara Gideon and Nwibani, Goodluck 

Felix. Methaemoglobin Level and Packed Cell Volume in Apparently Healthy 

Wood-Furniture Workers Within Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, 



3. Original Article

Abdullahi Mohammed, Ibrahim M. Bello. Magnesium Deficiency is 

associated with Insulin Resistance among Nigerians with Type 2 Diabetes



4. Original Article

Jemikalajah, Daniel Johnson. Prevalence of Intestinal Helminth Infection 

Amongst Urban and Rural Primary School Pupils in Kwale, Delta State.



5. Original Article

Iduh, M.U., Spencer, T.H.I., Mohammed, K., Garba, M.K., Nataala, S.U., 

Ashcroft, O.F., Abdulrashid, L.Comparison of Various Concentrations of Carbol Fuchsin Solutions in Ziehl-Neelsen Staining for Detection of Acid-Fast Bacilli in Sputum Samples.


6. Original Article

Benard, S.A., Fowotade, A.A., Olutunde, O.A., Afolabi, O.O. Hibiscus-

Trichrome Stain for Collagen, Muscle and Red Blood Cells in Skin Tissue.


7. Original Article

Amuzie, C.C., Akani, G.C. and Davies, E.L. Diversity of Helminth Parasite in 

Sclerophrys maculata of Degema and Ogoni, Rivers State, Nigeria.


8. Original Article

Erhenhi, A.H. Application of Indigenous Plants for the Management of 

Menstruation Disorders in Orogun, Delta State, Nigeria.


9. Original Article

Kadiri, Helen Ejiro. Effect of Parinari Excelsa on Some Haematological and 

Parameters of Renal Function in Cyanide Toxicity- Induced Rats.


10. Review Article

Sule, H. and Kumurya, A.S. Oropharyngeal Candidiasis among HIV Infected 

Individuals in Africa: ASystematic Review.



11. Original Article

Bassey, I.E., Akpama, A.E.O., Nehemiah, E.D., Efobi, H.A., Mba, C., Udoh, A.E. 

Prevalence of Microalbuminuria Among Type 2 Diabetic and Hypertensive 

Patients Attending the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Nigeria.





12.  Original Article

Ibrahim, K., Muhammad, M.B., Erhabor, O., Adias, T.C., Udomah, F., 

Abdulrahaman, Y., Onuigwe, U., Okwesili, A., Ibrahim, B.A., Buhari, H., 

Zama, I., Erhabor, T. Egenti, B.N. Parvovirus B19 Prevalence among Children 

of African Descent in Sokoto North Western Nigeria.



13. Review Article

Sule, H., Kumurya, A. S. and Ahmad I. A. The Burden of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis 

Among Women in Developing Countries: ASystematic Review.


14. Original Article

Muhammad, Y., Alhassan, A.J., Wali, U., Haruna, A.S. and Maryam, Z. 

Antioxidant and Hypoglycaemic Effects of Cocos nucifera Husk Extracts in 

Streptozocin- Induced Diabetic Albino Rats.



15. Original Article

Muhibi, M.A., Isah, K., Adedokun, K.A., Akerele, O.I., Jeremiah, Z.A. Malaria 

Parasite Density and B Lymphocyte Quantitation among Students in Owo, 

Southwest Nigeria.



16. Original Article

Muhammad Y., Ahmad, M.B., Wali, U., Yeldu, M.H. and Umar, K. Increased 

Malondialdehyde among the Malaria- Parasitized Children in Dutse-Jigawa, 



17. Original Article

Igwe, J.C., Parom, S.K., Onaolapo, J.A., Ehnimidu, J.O., Afolabi-Balogun, N.B., 

Olajumoke, B.R. Mutagenic and Induced Antibiotic Resistance of Acridine 

Dye on E. Coli andProteus mirabilisIsolated from Clinical Samples.



18. Original Article

Idomeh, F.A., Osadolor, H.B., Osaigbovo, E. O, Obahiagbon, I., Igharo, O.G., 

Obasuyi, J. O., Ebengho, S.O., Idomeh, J.E. Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant 

Markers Interaction in Prostate Cancer Patients in Southern Nigeria.